Interstate Auto Auction NH Lic 5037. (917) 831-4048
Interstate Auto Auction NH Lic 5037. (917) 831-4048

Interstate Auto Auction NH Lic 5037

Welcome to Interstate Auto Auction NH Lic 5037,
Your Salem dealer.

We run an Honest & Fun Auction.  In 2002 we were a tiny 40 car a week Auction & have grown into New England's Largest Public Auction with 300 cars a week & Over 60,000 Sold!! 

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We offer benefits that other auctions won't. Before Auction You can test drive cars on Wed's, research cars using VINs online & a week of purchase refund if the motor or transmission needs to be replaced. We check all car's motors & transmissions before Auction to ensure this.

Buying like a Dealer is not for all.  So Feel Free to Pause & Imagine Yourself buying like a Dealer.  Prices lower than anywhere else saving you thousands. Of course after purchase you need to fix the cars issues that will average $300-$900. That's the key to what a dealer does. You buy Low, Fix the cars issues & save thousands of dollars in the process.  

This is your chance to turn the tables.  You can save thousands doing it yourself or pay thousands more & have a dealer do it for you?  It's your money, it's your choice.


Established in 2002

Interstate Auto Auction has sold over 60,000 vehicles to the public since 2002.  Given the number of vehicles we sell, we have one of the lowest customer complaint ratios in our industry.  We have many repeat customers.  Our vehicles are made available to the public at true wholesale prices.  "Buy like the dealers"